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Specialists in Education for the XXI century

At Fazedores de Líderes we are specialists in Education for the XXI century. We help the various educational agents to find effective and impactful solutions through an innovative and transformative teaching model. We work on the essential skills to increase performance, reveal the talents and potential of our students.

This is the proposal that Fazedores de Líderes has for its Academy. An exclusive and high quality proposal. Make a difference and provide your students with training that helps them develop their academic, personal and socio-emotional performance.


Our licenses are a practical and effective way to access our programs. Through a reduced, risk-free and quickly recoverable investment, you have access to high quality training for yourself or the employee who is responsible for the FDL programs and a set of materials, tips and suggestions that will accompany you on a successful path towards by revealing talent and potential.

Become part of an elite educator. Our licenses are only awarded after a careful evaluation of the candidates. Make your students leaders and show them the way to success! For more information fill out our form on the CONTACTS page.


Sofia Tavares
Trainer reconhecida pela Universidade de Harvard

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