Educating in times of crisis

Support space for education and development


The present situation of instability is a great opportunity to rethink education and personal development more creatively.

Support space for education and development

Given the uncertainty about the end of this school year and the quarantine period we decided to create a community and an educational “tool box” to help you support your children at home.

Lots of activities for fun and learning
Time and task management suggestions
Online study and personal development support
Homeschooling support

Online Portuguese classes

Online English classes

Online Maths classes

Exam preparation support

Lots of free materials

Creative Thinking
Problem Solving
Online study and personal development support
Mindset and gratitude


Here we provide some educational resources

Aulas Online

In this space, classes for Basic Education and Secondary Education are available. It is a space to work the areas of knowledge in their foundations and in a pragmatic way. The school program will always be considered and guide the classes.

The Exam Preparation space will help students with discipline and study tools to make the most of your study time and guaranteeing better results.

Educational Videos



Portuguese English